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South Piedmont Community College Strategic Plan 2013-2016


As a learning college, South Piedmont Community College (SPCC) promotes and celebrates learning as the process that changes and improves lives. This applies to our students, employees, and the college itself. We are an organization in which people continually expand their ability to grow and learn.

The Strategic Plan highlights this focus on learning through our Vision (what we want to be), Mission (who we are), Values (what directs our decisions), and Strategic Directions (what actions we will take to fulfill the Vision and Mission).

Our Vision is:

To be the premier community college of choice, offering a full complement of general education, transfer pre-majors, career and technical education, and workforce and economic development programming to prepare students to be productive citizens in the global community.

Our Mission is:

Learning, student success, and workforce and community development

We Value a Personal and Institutional Commitment to:

  • Affordable, quality access to excellent educational opportunities
  • Academic achievement and student success
  • Public and private partnerships
  • Lifelong learning
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Respect for individuals
  • Transparency through accurate and reliable communication
  • Integrity, accountability, and ethical conduct
  • Highest levels of financial stewardship
  • Responsiveness, adaptability, and flexibility
  • Innovation
  • Continuous improvement
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Diversity and inclusiveness
  • Sustainability
  • Extraordinary customer service
  • Community outreach

Start Here...Go anywhere!

SPCC 2012 Environmental Scan

Strategic Direction One

Expand Student Program Opportunities

Strategic Goal 1: SPCC will create and maintain innovative educational programming of the highest quality that supports the educational and career goals of students.

Key Strategies

1-A . Expand and improve the collaborative educational pipeline from Anson and Union public and private schools to increase the number of students earning transferable college credits, degrees, and/or industry-specific certifications.
1-B   Align the college curriculum with the K-12 curriculum.
1-C   Develop additional transfer pre-major opportunities, reflective of the needs and wants of students.
1-D   Develop additional joint educational programs, partnership programs, and articulation agreements with accredited institutions and public/private entities to increase the number of course and degree options available to students.
1-E   Increase opportunities for co-op education, internships, and job placement.
1-F   Develop new programs and courses that align with the changing needs of business and industry, including programs and services focused on agriculture.
1-G   Create new programs and services which support developmental education needs of students and reduce the time spent in developmental education.
1-H   Develop new educational programs and services that meet the needs of an aging community.



Strategic Direction Two

Create a Culture of Innovative Learning

Strategic Goal 2: SPCC will develop a learner-centered culture that provides employees the resources to deliver quality instruction and support services that foster contextualized learning and allow for the measurement of academic success of learners.

Key Strategies

2-A . Integrate appropriate general education competencies into gateway courses.
2-B   Develop and implement an educational master plan.
2-C   Expand student learning outcomes assessment to all programs and courses delivered by SPCC.
2-D   Increase distance learning opportunities and services.
2-E   Implement strategies that reduce student costs for educational materials.
2-F   Create a faculty-driven instructional innovation and research center to identify and implement emerging educational trends and best practices.
2-G   Increase professional development opportunities for all employees.
2-H   Increase faculty innovation and educational programming through aggressive grant development.

Strategic Direction Three

Increase Enrollment and Retention

Strategic Goal 3: SPCC will increase the enrollment, retention, persistence, and graduation rates through strengthening academic and student support services.

Key Strategies

3-A .
Implement recruitment and admission practices to increase the enrollment of all student populations.
3-B   Provide intrusive and holistic interventions and engagement strategies to reach all student populations.
3-C   Create and offer expanded test preparation and study skills workshops.
3-D   Implement the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) to improve academic advising.
3-E   Implement a First Year Experience (FYE) program.
3-F   Strengthen tutoring and Supplemental Instruction (SI).
3-G   Create and offer targeted test modules in mathematics, reading, English/writing.
3-H   Increase library resources and targeted supplemental programming to support new and enhanced programs.

Strategic Direction Four

Improve the Marketing Presence of the Institution

Strategic Goal 4: SPCC will ensure that it is recognized as the premier community college of choice in its service area.

Key Strategies

4-A . Gather and utilize community input through focus groups, advisory boards, and community connections and involvement.
4-B   Develop a marketing plan to highlight the quality, value, and innovation that SPCC brings to students, business and industry, and the community.
4-C   Develop a relevant, meaningful, and consistent social media presence.
4-D   Create multiple aligned avenues to sustain dialogue with business, industry, education, and community partners.
4-E   Develop a diverse and meaningful community events series and publish a calendar to inform and encourage residents to participate in college-sponsored events.
4-F   Increase student activities to meet the interests and needs of students and encourage community participation.
4-G   Inform the community of the progress of the college and opportunities to assist through the SPCC Foundation.

Strategic Direction Five

Improve the Quality of Operations and Services

Strategic Goal 5: SPCC will improve the quality of its operations and services.

Key Strategies

5-A . Create a strategic planning process that tracks and measures progress toward completion of key strategies.
5-B   Ensure the effectiveness of the institution through ongoing accreditation activities, quality improvement efforts, and data-driven decision making.
5-C   Implement change to practices and programs based on evaluation of evidence provided to the Senior Leadership Team by the Planning Council.
5-D   Reduce institutional costs through research and implementation of appropriate education and industry-driven best practices.
5-E   Develop a “Quality Scorecard” to report on college progress to key constituent groups.
5-F   Provide consistent and accurate documentation, evaluation, and reporting of institutional data to all stakeholders in a timely manner.

Strategic Direction Six

Create a Collaborative College Community

Strategic Goal 6: SPCC will cultivate and support a collaborative environment of civility and inclusion that respects individual differences and opinions.

Key Strategies

6-A . Create and support methods for college constituency groups to participate in the governance of the college.
6-B   Improve the method for measuring the internal climate of the college and demonstrate the use of results for quality improvement.
6-C   Develop and implement a plan to involve all employees, trustees, and foundation directors in sharing the SPCC story with the public.