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South Piedmont Community College
A Learning College


In 2005, SPCC implemented a new, coordinated, college-wide initiative to ensure that we placed student learning first. While it may seem that student learning is what higher education is about, many practices, programs, and services often may hinder learning.

In beginning this change, all personnel were involved in understanding our new direction. As we learned more, two primary focus areas emerged. These can best be described as ensuring (1) a culture of learning and (2) a culture of evidence.

The first requires that we not only improve what occurs in the classroom but also everything else we do as faculty, staff and an organization. We must ask, “Will this action improve learning?” The second means we must ask how we know that an action or program improves learning. This requires a much greater emphasis on evaluating all we do.

This is an on-going process that will never end. However, it does ensure we will provide the best learning experience we can for each student.
This site gives you more information about our journey as a Learning College.

“College should be a well-defined program of learning as opposed to a collection of classes and unrelated events.” --Unknown.