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Learning College Reading Suggestions

Some Learning College Books available at the SPCC libraries:

Assessment in Practice – Banta, Lund, Black, Oblander

Classroom Assessment Techniques - Angelo

Critical Thinking and Learning – eds. Kincheloe and Well

A Learning College for the 21st Century – O’Banion

Getting More Learning-Centered Community Colleges – O’Banion

Launching a Learning College – O’Banion

Learner-Centered Teaching – Weimer

Learning Communities: Reforming Undergraduate Education – Smith, Barbara Leigh

Learning Paradigm College – Tagg

Outcomes Assessment in Higher Education – Hernon, Dugan

Portfolio Assessment – Banta

Team Based Learning – Michaelsen, Knight, Fink

Assessing for Learning – Maki


7 Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education - Chickering and Gamson