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Learning College Core Skills

South Piedmont Community College advocates Thinking, Learning, and Interacting for student achievement and lifelong learning in today’s global economy. Our values include creating measurable change in individual learners by engaging them as full partners, increasing options for learning as defined by the needs of the learner, and documenting with authentic assessments.

  • How do I apply critical thinking skills in a variety of situations?
  • How do I show competence in analysis and interpretation?
  • How do I apply problem-solving skills?

  • How do I promote lifelong learning for myself and SPCC learners?
  • How do I support innovative teaching?
  • Am I willing to accept change?
  • How do I demonstrate oral and written communication skills?
  • How do I utilize technology?
  • How do my actions as an SPCC employee promote learning?
  • How do I incorporate continuous improvement?

  • How do I demonstrate collaboration and teamwork by fostering open and honest and clear communication and respect among faculty, staff, students, and community?
  • How do I demonstrate enthusiasm and a positive example in appearance and attitude?
  • How do I contribute to a work environment that produces extraordinary results?
  • How do I exhibit ethical behavior and maintain integrity in my work?
  • How do I encourage and show respect for diversity?
  • Am I adaptable and flexible?
  • How do I provide customer service?