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July 7, 2011

SPCC releases President’s List, Dean’s List for Spring 2011 semester

South Piedmont Community College Vice President of Student Success Elaine Clodfelter has released the names of students who have been included on the President’s List and Dean’s List for the Spring Semester 2011.

Students on the President’s List were enrolled in an associate degree or diploma program for a minimum of 12 credit hours and earned a 4.0 average. Students on the Dean’s List were enrolled in an associate degree or diploma program for a minimum of 12 credit hours and earned a grade point average of at least 3.5 on a 4.0 scale.

Only courses at or above the 100 level are considered in calculating the eligibility for academic honors, and students are not eligible for consideration unless all coursework for the semester is complete.

Listed is each student’s hometown and major.

President’s List

Shawn P. Anderson Charlotte Radiation Therapy Technology
Kermit F. Baker Charlotte Computer Information Technology
Irma L. Cordero-Alvarez Charlotte Associate in Science
Casey E. Johnston Charlotte Medical Sonography
LaDonna K. Sasscer Charlotte A.G.E. - Medical Sonography
Luz A. Smith Charlotte Therapeutic Massage Diploma
Jessica B. Stancil Charlotte Radiation Therapy Technology
Jennifer M. Allen Indian Trail Associate in Arts
Irina Andronic Indian Trail Medical Office Administration
Jacob M. Coombs Indian Trail Associate in Arts
Daniel F. Enriquez Indian Trail Medical Sonography
Carla L. Hathaway Indian Trail Medical Office Administration
Shane G. King Indian Trail Associate in Arts
Mark E. Larocque Indian Trail A.G.E. - Associate Degree Nursing
Audra E. Mejias Indian Trail Medical Sonography
Joseph S. Paulk Indian Trail A.G.E. - Radiation Therapy
Retasha M. Simmons Indian Trail Adv-Graphic Design Certificate
Russell J. Stout Indian Trail Computer Information Technology
Amanda L. Gulde Marshville Criminal Justice Diploma
Brittany E. Robins Marshville Early Childhood Associate
Michael P. Stone Marshville Associate in Arts
Daniel A. Threatt Marshville Electrical/Electronics Technology
Jonathan D. Klish Matthews Human Services Technology
Kimlan T. Klish Matthews Business Administration
Judith T. Lambert Matthews Advertising and Graphic Design
Catherine B. Muelle Matthews Med Office Adm - Med Ins Coding Diploma
Reagan C. Vanderhill Matthews Therapeutic Massage Diploma
Ellen V. Brown Monroe Therapeutic Massage Diploma
Jon M. Clyncke Monroe Comp Information Tech Certificate
Donna B. Gray Monroe Advertising and Graphic Design
Joshua C. Grismer Monroe Computer Information Technology
Leah M. Helms Monroe Associate in Science
Lori E. Ketchum Monroe Associate in Science
Keturah S. Key Monroe Human Services Technology
Camille A. Keziah Monroe Criminal Justice Technology
Teresa T. Kimbrell Monroe Medical Office Administration
Hannah B. Long Monroe Radiation Therapy Technology
Rhoda B. Lukens Monroe Associate in Arts
Tiffany A. Mangum Monroe Therapeutic Massage Diploma
Charles R. McKellar Monroe Associate in Science
Erran Menzies Monroe Associate in Science
Henry Z. Mills Monroe Web Design Certificate
Deena M. Pascua Monroe Advertising and Graphic Design
John M. Rorie Monroe Associate in Science
Mary L. Sizemore Monroe Medical Office Administration
Tonya B. Sloan Monroe Medical Sonography
Wendi C. Tarlton Monroe Medical Office Administration
Suzette N. Taylor Monroe Medical Assisting-Diploma
Jacquelynn D. Vantassel Monroe Surgical Technology
Brian F. Wallace Monroe Computer Information Technology
Kerry A. Wells Monroe Medical Office Transcription Cert
Megan D. Mabry Mount Gilead Therapeutic Massage Diploma
Stephanie M. Jurado Norwood Surgical Technology
Kacy A. Burney Peachland Medical Office Administration
Kimberly B. Jordan Peachland A.G.E. - Associate Degree Nursing
Amy V. Pope Peachland Associate in Arts
Jannie D. Hunt Polkton Office Administration
Joshua B. Landon Polkton Associate in Arts
Douglas P. Martin Polkton Computer Information Technology
Timothy A. Smoot Rockingham Advertising and Graphic Design
Angela J. Collins Stanfield Medical Office Administration
Marcus A. Christon Wadesboro Associate in Arts
Henry L. Nordan Wadesboro Business Administration
Victoria J. Tillman Wadesboro Associate in Arts
Vicky N. Belk Waxhaw Accounting Certificate
Regina S. Coley Waxhaw Adv-Graphic Design Certificate
Lora J. Cretella Waxhaw Associate in Science
Keisha R. Curtis Waxhaw Computer Information Technology
Tina R. Osborne Waxhaw Medical Office Administration
Linda A. Richardson Waxhaw Med Office Adm - Med Ins Coding Diploma
Elizabeth M. Townsend Waxhaw Paralegal Technology
Catherine A. Trudeau Waxhaw Human Services Technology
Cynthia M. Walker Waxhaw Med Office Adm - Med Ins Coding Diploma
Gloria P. Hettinger Wesley Chapel Med Office Adm - Med Ins Coding Diploma
Constance E. Homola Wingate Therapeutic Massage Diploma
Carmen C. Pena Wingate Criminal Justice Technology


Dean's List 

Lynsey D. Allen Charlotte Medical Sonography
Jane A. Carroll Charlotte Medical Office Transcription Cert
Anh Dung Claindoux Ta Charlotte Medical Sonography
Kira I. Kramer Charlotte Medical Sonography
Roxanne K. Lopez Charlotte Medical Sonography
Catherine M. Maddox Charlotte Medical Sonography
Svitlana A. Samocraini Charlotte Medical Sonography
Shawn D. Tillman Charlotte Associate in Arts
James T. Calhoun Hamlet Electrical/Electronics Technology
Ka'en'ab El Huntersville Surgical Technology
Allison Allen Indian Trail Med Office Adm - Med Ins Coding Diploma
Dacia L. Carugno Indian Trail Criminal Justice Technology
Kathy Dao Indian Trail Medical Sonography
Veronica L. Dayton Indian Trail Associate in Science
Bethany R. Gibson Indian Trail Associate in Arts
Walter S. Hrycenko Indian Trail Med Office Adm - Med Ins Coding Diploma
Teressa C. Lattimore Indian Trail Accounting
Elizabeth Machado Indian Trail Radiation Therapy Technology
Brent S. Davis Marshville Criminal Justice Technology
Kimberley R. Gibson Marshville Advertising and Graphic Design
Angela M. Hopson Marshville Medical Assisting-Diploma
Rick T. Smith Marshville Criminal Justice Technology
Melissa P. Tedder Marshville MA-Medical Lab Assistant Cert
Marsha L. Kellar Matthews Radiation Therapy Technology
Temna M. McMillan Matthews Therapeutic Massage Diploma
Kimberly A. Roof Matthews Biomedical Equipment Technology
Steven M. Staabs Matthews Computer Information Technology
Olga Mialik Mint Hill Medical Assisting-Diploma
Emily N. Baucom Monroe Associate in Science
Becky L. Bossert Monroe Associate in Arts - Elementary Education
Randi R. Bryant Monroe Business Administration
Andrea S. Deberry Monroe A.G.E. - Associate Degree Nursing
Chelsea Farrell Monroe Associate in Science
Angela D. Franklin Monroe Associate in Science
Gabriel A. Gray Monroe Associate in Arts
John W. Jenkins Monroe Human Services Technology
Andrey Lashtur Monroe Computer Information Technology
Alice A. Mayer Monroe Paralegal Technology
Katrice R. McClendon Monroe Medical Office Administration
Emmy L. McCollum Monroe Associate in Arts
William D. McRorie Monroe Computer Information Technology
Laura C. Morales Monroe Surgical Technology
Anali A. Moran Monroe Business Administration
Stephanie L. Renwick Monroe Medical Office Administration
James C. Rollins Monroe Computer Information Technology
Gretta A. Secrest Monroe Criminal Justice Technology
Sarah B. Sossamon Monroe Med Office Adm - Med Ins Coding Diploma
Lauren B. Stilwell Monroe Advertising and Graphic Design
Amanda L. Tatro Monroe Medical Office Administration
Tamra R. Thomas Monroe Early Childhood Associate
Jessica Tucker Monroe Paralegal Technology
Jerome Ware Monroe Electrical/Electronics Technology
Jason A. Wright Monroe Accounting
Yolanda S. Kirkley Morven Medical Office Administration
Taniqua L. Lindsey Morven Associate in Arts
Andrew J. Morris Morven Business Administration
Aeriel J. Cauffman Polkton A.G.E. - Medical Assisting
Megan B. Sikes Polkton Business Administration
Arsenio E. Sturdivant Polkton Associate in Arts
Chou Vang Polkton Medical Office Administration
Jerome M. Xiong Polkton Comp Inf Tech - Operating Systems Certificate
Christy L. Price Stanfield Medical Office Administration
Matthew A. Ashby Wadesboro Electrical/Electronics Technology
Donny L. Dial Wadesboro Computer Information Technology
Brittany R. Diggs Wadesboro A.G.E. - Associate Degree Nursing
Laura K. Haynes Wadesboro Associate in Arts
Kris L. Jackson Wadesboro A.G.E. - Medical Sonography
Dallas A. Jarrell Wadesboro Criminal Justice Technology
Melissa T. Shaw Wadesboro Med Office Adm - Med Ins Coding Diploma
Janie S. Trexler Wadesboro Office Administration
Inna P. Aleksandrova Waxhaw A.G.E. - Medical Sonography
Devon K. Crimmins Waxhaw Therapeutic Massage Diploma
Christopher W. Davenport Waxhaw Computer Information Technology
Brandi L. Emory Waxhaw Early Childhood Diploma
Joseph H. Fereno, Jr. Waxhaw Criminal Justice Diploma
Olivia L. Gragson Waxhaw Advertising and Graphic Design
Ashley M. Helms Waxhaw Associate in Arts
Andrew S. Honeycutt Waxhaw Associate in Science
Phyllis Hunt-Kuzma Waxhaw Surgical Technology
Daniel E. Pruss Waxhaw Electrical/Electronics Technology
Kathleen Schneider Waxhaw A.G.E. - Medical Assisting
Cameron J. Taylor Waxhaw Criminal Justice Technology
Erin V. Whittenburg Waxhaw A.G.E. - Medical Sonography
Donna L. Yacopino Waxhaw A.G.E. - Associate Degree Nursing
Marcus X Wingate Air Condit., Heat., & Refrig. Technology